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Rolling Cannabis 101

It's not that hard!

Rolling Cannabis 101

There are many ways to consume cannabis such as applying it, ingesting it, or inhaling it. One of the most traditional and most effective ways is rolling the dried flower in rolling paper. Read below on our top tips to roll the perfect joint!

Gather Your Supplies

Before starting to roll your joint, make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need. Firstly, you will need your choice of cannabis, grinder, rolling papers, filters, and a lighter to spark your joint.

Grind It

Regardless of whether you’re using a high-quality grinder, or you’re using your fingers, you want to ensure there is consistency in the size of the dried cannabis after you grind it up. This will allow for a smoother smoke than otherwise.

Make a Filter

This step is optional but recommended, but a filter prevents the grinded up flower from going into your mouth when you inhale. It also protects your fingers from being burned when the joint gets down to the end. Some rolling papers come with filters or tips, but you can make your own with something as simple as a business card or flyer.

Fill The Paper

Rolling papers come in lots of different formats (organic, unbleached raw, rice, or hemp paper) and sizes (double-wide, king, or slim). Likewise, joints can be made in many different shapes and sizes. Before filling the paper, ensure the sticky, shiny, or glue side is facing up. Fill the paper with dried flowers, and leaving a bit of space at the opposite end of the filter.

Pack The Cannabis

Fold the non-glued long side of the paper up and around the cannabis, and use your thumbs to roll and tuck it inside the paper until it forms as you would like. (A bat or cylinder) Make sure the cannabis is spread as evenly as possible and there are no empty gaps in between.

Finish the roll

Lick the glued edge of the paper and roll one end down to hold it into place. It makes it easier and helps guide the paper as it rolls around itself. Slowly, work your way down the rest of the joint, tucking and sealing the joint as you go.

Finishing Touches

Now that your joint is 99% done, you want to either use something similar to a pen to push the cannabis down, or you can pinch the top of the joint and lightly flick the joint back and forth till it packs down.

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