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How To Find An Out Door Smoke Spot

Finding an Outdoor Smoke Spot in Edmonton

With 325 days of sun each year, why wouldn’t you spend every opportunity exploring the great outdoors in Edmonton? Home to North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland and more than 160 kilometers of trails to hike, walk, or bike through, there’s no shortage of fresh air to take in and Smoke Spots available to enjoy your preferred form of cannabis.

With Edmonton’s flourishing green landscape, you may think anywhere is a good spot to stop to light, or vape up, but you need to first consider your surroundings.

What does the parkland or trail include?

Having so many trails at your disposal gives you endless options of Smoke Spots to consider. However, you’ll need to make sure the parkland or trail doesn’t include a playground, sports field, off-leash area, skate or bicycle park, an outdoor theatre, an outdoor pool or water spray park, and a seasonal skating rink. If you see any of this, you’ll want to find a different Smoke Spot.

Are you considering a public spot?

Edmonton’s population is rapidly growing, and the city is keeping up with the expansion with its infrastructure. Therefore, you’ll likely see public spots that are designated as a “No Smoking” area, and of course, these are off-limits to serve as your Smoke Spot. Beyond the signage, the following locations also are off-limits: any school, hospital, and child-care facility properties, cemeteries, city-owned golf courses, ski hills, bus terminals, light rail transit (LRT) platforms, bus shelters, and the Sir Winston Churchill Square, Fort Edmonton Park, the John Janzen Nature Centre, the Edmonton Valley Zoo, the Muttart Conservatory, and the William Hawrelak Park. You also want to stay clear from consuming your cannabis while riding a bus, LRT, or any vehicle.

How far away are you from others?

Regardless of where you are, you’ll want to ensure you are keeping your distance. You’ll need to be at least 10 meters away from any doors, windows, or air intakes of any building or patio (your home and patio included!), and Edmonton’s outdoor concert venues and festivals included! That is unless the owner of the property doesn’t mind but given Edmonton’s bustling population and varying levels of comfort, it’s always best to proceed with caution and avoid consuming your cannabis on any private property.

How should you leave your Smoke Spot?

Before leaving, dispose of any waste (ash, filters, or papers from your cannabis) and clean up after yourself! Edmonton is a clean and sustainable city, so you don’t want to leave any trace of the cannabis and want to make sure you properly extinguish your cannabis to avoid any fires before throwing it away!

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